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Quality First

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Update time : 2022-04-19 15:12:00
We believe that product quality is the life for a company , “Quality First” is our company slogan. Usually we pay attention to the quality control from sample developing, please check as below .
1) QA Team will check the sample bag, and suggestion will be provided if there is something inappropriate, for example, whether the structure is rational and material is durable enough;
2) QA team will check the bulk-material quality before Cutting , and Production-line leader will check the logo pieces before production ;
3) QA team will have a Pre-production meeting with production workers, and Notice of production will be provided to all workers;
4) QA team and group leader will check each procedure when products under producing, to make sure workers sew the bag correctly; 
5) Production-line leader will finish a completed Pre-production sample before the Mass production, to check whether all parts are sewed correctly;
6) FQC(Final Quality Control) will check each bag before packing ; 
7) OQC(Out Quality Control) will make the spot check before the shipment ;
8) If the products couldn’t pass the OQC process, then they will be rechecked one by one, and redo OQC;
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